Welcome to the ACMG Foundation homepage for the Evidence Based Guidelines (EBG) Program. The Evidence Based Guidelines Program is a joint effort between the ACMG Foundation and the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics. The ACMG Foundation’s staff members have developed the Evidence Based Guidelines Program and are working to identify individuals, foundations, and supportive corporate donors to help sustain the effort long term.

As this new program moves into the early months of 2020, the ACMG Foundation will post materials that detail and explain the programs management, operations, and funding goals. We will also update the public on next steps and expectations as guidelines develop, as the topic selection committee works to move topics into the program, and as new guidelines are released.

This page is also the launch pad of the Topic Selection Committee’s “Topic Nomination Form” which interested members of the public can use to submit feedback to the Topic Selection Committee. The Evidence Based Guidelines Program form can be found here.

For questions related to the Evidence Based Guidelines Program, please contact The ACMG Foundation at acmgf@acmgfoundation.org.