A C M G  F O U N D A T I O N   A W A R D S

As part of its commitment to advancing the medical field of genetics and genomics, the American Foundation for Genetics and Genomic Medicine (ACMGF), offers a series of national fellowship training, endowed, travel and special memorial awards to recognize and honor its members, constituents and friends of ACMG. To apply and learn more about these exciting award opportunities, please see below:


The "Next Generation" Training Awards

In an effort to promote professional research and education in the field of medical genetics, the ACMG Foundation for Genetic and Genomic Medicine (ACMGF) with several of our corporate partners have established a series of competitive training awards. The “Next Generation” Medical Training awards are sponsored by Shire, Pfizer, Genzyme, and the ACMG Foundation. For more information about these awards, please visit Summary of "Next Generation" Awards, or; 

Annual Richard King Trainee Award

In order to encourage genetics trainees in their professional development, the Genetics in Medicine journal in collaboration with The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics Foundation offers a cash award recognizing an outstanding research publication by an ABMG trainee. For more information, please click, The Annual Richard King Trainee Award for Best Publication.


David L. Rimoin Award Lifetime Achievement Award

As founding president of the ACMG, Dr. Rimoin set the organization on the path to becoming the leader in medical genetics and genomics. In honor of his legacy, the Rimoin family and countless friends and colleagues have created an endowed fund in his memory. As a visionary, admired teacher, prolific author, mentor, beloved friend, researcher and skilled and caring physician for five decades, Dr. Rimoin touched the lives of generations of patients as well as trainees and colleagues. To learn more about Dr. Rimoin and his love of his patients, please visit the ACMG Foundation for Genetic and Genomic Medicine David L. Rimoin Fund.


Each of these generous partners and stakeholders share ACMGF’s mission of Better Health Through GeneticsTM.  Every award is selected by a diverse panel of qualified industry professionals who have excelled in the study and practice of genetic and genomic medicine. ACMGF awards seek to highlight the demonstrated leadership qualities and work of its recipients at every facet in the industry, including but not limited to: medical and/or laboratory training, counseling, research, mentoring, recruiting, and advocating for the fair and ethical practice of public health in genetic and genomic medicine.